27326 Grand River, Redford MI 48240

Phone: (313)534-0736

Welcome to Armitron Service site!  Shaver and Time World has been an authorized factory warranty service center for over 40 years; handling warranty repairs for over 20 well known consumer product lines.

Repairs are all performed on site by experienced technicians trained in the latest developments in watch manufacturing and repair. Whether it's a part replacement, movement repair, crystal sizing and cutting; we handle it for all makes and models.  The vast majority of repairs are performed within a few days of payment, but on occasion parts may need it be ordered.


Sending your Watch:

1. Print, fill out, and include the Mail Service Form with specific information about the problem.  Please fill out the form completely being sure to list all the items you would like repaired.  Please include a valid warranty card. (If applicable)

2. Pack your watch securely in padded wrapping materials and sturdy box sealed with tape.  Please do not use the gift box for shipping, as we cannot guarantee its safe return.

 3. Ship via registered and insured mail.  Remember to insure the watch for its full replacement value.

Send To:     Shavers and Time World,  27326 Grand River,  Redford MI 48240